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   J​a​mes E.Carter    



2010 Audelco Award Winner for Best Lights Designer For PECONG by Steve Carter at N.B.T in N.Y.C. and was Nominated for an Audelco Recognition Award for Best Light Designer on Sango : Lord Of Thunder in 2006 at N.B.T and in 2011 Nominated for Best Lights for The Shaqueeua Chronicles 2012 also 2016-2017 EMMY AWARD (ABC/GOOD MORNING AMERICA)

Hello James,


WOW Great News!!!! Best Shorts Competition has added a note to your submission:

Dear James:


On behalf of our entire staff and panel of judges, I am pleased to inform you that you have won a Best Shorts Competition Award!


Season: June 2020

James E Carter/Victor Arnez (USA), I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!

Award of Recognition: Film Short and Best Cinematographer


Winning a Best Shorts is something you and your entire team can be proud of! Our judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece.

The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you and your team have spent to create your outstanding production! Congratulations on your achievement!

In the next few days we will email you information and materials to assist you with the publicity and promotion of your piece, including winner’s laurels and press releases.

BEST SHORTS Recognition logo template

James E. Carter / Victor Arnez (USA), I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!, Film Short


Great News Again,

Dear James,

We are pleased to send your award winner laurels and the Digital Certificate(s).

The full winners' list is already published at our website (,and is being shared through our social networks, including Facebook (, and sent to our mailing list of professionals of film industry across the world and to our international partners as well.

We really hope to see your next work soon :)


Hello All,

For these who missed it,Well here is my inteview on instagram

WOW!! Dear James,


You are a Semi-Finalist of the New York Cinematography AWARDS. It means you can use Festival Laurels for your promotional purposes:

Link to Trailer :